How and when to prune oranges

How and when to prune oranges

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How and when to prune oranges: instructions to perform the orange pruning. From the branches to be cut to the ideal period for the intervention.

Thereorange pruningit can have different purposes, according to which the branches to be cut and the intervention period change. Let's talk about thetraining pruningand ofproduction pruning. On the one hand, they go toprune orangesto give a beautiful appearance to the foliage and, on the other, action is taken to maximize production in terms of quantity and quality of the harvest.

In the first years of the life of the orange, neither will be performed pruning. The only intervention of pruningto be performed in the first years of orange cultivation consists in eliminating the suckers and any excess branches so as tostreamlinethe plant and allow the trunk to develop in height.

How and when to prune oranges

When to prune the orange?Unfortunately we cannotprune orangeswhen we feel like it or have time. When pruning a plant, its vegetative rhythms must be respected.

L'orangeit should be pruned every other year (pruned one year and left to rest the following year).

Theperiodbest to step in falls in the summer. Between late June and early July.

As for thewinter pruning, if it performs right in theperiodof vegetative rest, therefore during the winter.

How to prune oranges?
In both interventions (winter pruning and summer pruning), the aim is to guarantee the plant a clean trend, so no drastic action is taken.

How and when to prune potted oranges

How to prune the potted orange? If the orange is grown in pots, the situation changes. There pruning of citrus in pots it should almost always be omitted. It intervenes in the first years of life with a modest elimination of the lowest suckers and to determine the growth of the crown. Subsequent pruning of potted orange involves thinning operations limited to the removal of diseased, dry or irregular branches. According to the "when", the best period is the one indicated above.

How to prune the orange

During the surgery it must be borne in mind that theorangebears fruit on the branches of the previous year. For this reason, if no adequate action is taken, thepruningit could negatively impact production.

How to do production pruning?
In the summer, all dry, broken or diseased branches are removed. The branches attacked by parasites, suckers and suckers that grow at the base of the orange, subtracting energy from the upper part of the foliage, must be cut.

If the orange has not been pruned for many years

If you haven't done so for several yearsprune orangesof your garden, you will have to intervene by cutting the branches that grow too close together at the base. The plant must be able to "breathe" and the sun's rays should also be able to penetrate and reach every part of the plant.

Scissors for pruning oranges and citrus fruits

Scissors play a role crucialinpruningof a plant. This is also true when it comes to oranges and other citrus fruits. Be sure to step in with a couple of pruning scissors suitable for the circumstances.

The scissors will have to besterileand in conditions such as to guarantee sharp cuts and without burrs, therefore:

  • With alcohol, sterilize the blades of the pruning shears before the surgery.
  • The cuts to be made must be oblique.
  • Cut the branches cleanly and without leaving smudges on the plant.
  • Use suitable scissors
  • A pair of ratchet pruning shears may be suitable if there are thicker and harder branches to cut.

Ratchet scissors are very versatile. They have no preference for tree species and, in general, are suitable for cutting particularly hard branches,orangesincluded.

The ratchet system allows you to distribute the cutting effort: depending on the diameter of the branch, it is possible to activate the ratchet system and make a clean cut with minimal effort.

On Amazon, a pair of ratchet pruning shears from the British leader Spear & Jackson are offered at a price of about 25 euros with free shipping costs; in any case, you can also choose other pruning shears, as long as they are able to offer sharp and clean miter cuts.

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