“Humano” will be released for free on YouTube from October 12

“Humano” will be released for free on YouTube from October 12

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As of October 12, 2018, we have made the decision to gift our film to Humanity. Trusting that one day we will become more human on this Earth.


HUMANO, South America is reborn - Trailer # 1 (HD) -HUMANO, South America a new awakening - Trailer # 1 (HD)

Publiée par Humano sur Jeudi February 12, 2015

The critic said:
"It is suggestive that the film relates such an experience to the human being's search for spirituality." The reason

"It has the ability to transcend any barrier and touch the soul of the viewer."
Sagra Casas.

"The film reflects sensitively on man's relationship with the metaphysical, nature, loneliness and the pain that feeling different causes."
Nando Salva. The newspaper.

"If there is something absolutely undeniable about the UFO phenomenon, it is that humans are the ones who make it interesting."

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