The history of things (Spanish)

The history of things (Spanish)

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The Story of Stuff is a web documentary about the life cycle of goods and services. Narrated by Annie Leonard, it presents a critical view of consumer society. It exposes the connections between a large number of social and environmental problems, and calls on all of us to create a more sustainable and just world.

From its extraction to its sale, USE and Disposal, all things in Our Lives affect Communities, and yet most of all this is hidden. The Story of Things is an entertaining, dynamic and Data Loaded DVD that describes in 20 minutes the hidden side of our Production and Consumption patterns. The History of Things exposes the connections between a large number of Environmental and Social Problems, and calls for a UNION to create a More Just and Sustainable World. It will teach you a lot, it will amuse you and it MAY change your view of things forever.

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